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What's happened to your New Years resolutions?

A week into the New Year,  only 1 of 4 people are maintaining their New Years resolutions.  That's a pretty high fail rate in only a week. 

What are the problems that make it so difficult to keep those New Years resolutions and get the results that we thought we wanted only a week earlier? 

Here are a few of the most common problems along with some suggested solutions that can help those resolutions stick.

  • You are not truly sold on the resolution.  It is something you think you SHOULD want or somebody else thinks you should want.
    • Make sure this is something YOU really want - something that is aligned with your personal values. Who can stay motivated when the going gets tough,  if having this is not something you REALLY want?
  • You didn't think about how difficult it might be to accomplish the resolution or how long it might take.
    • You need a good plan broken down into small steps.  Research has shown that it is easier to reach your goal if you have set implementation goals.
  • You underestimate and therefore don't plan for challenges and obstacles.
    • Know that there will be obstacles and challenges.  Some strategies to use as problems and challenges arise.
      • Create a list of distractions - things you can do to distract yourself when the going gets tough.
      • Decide on some rewards for meeting goals and overcoming challenges.  Reward yourself.
      • Go easy on the punishment.  We're thinking about ways to motivate yourself past an obstacle.
  • Your resolution is too abstract - not concrete.
    • Create a clear and compelling vision of what having this goal will look like, sound like, feel like.  Make it juicy and motivating.

      As you create the vision, take the time to close your eyes and see what a day in the life is like already having your goal.  What will have changed?  Notice any changes that do not resonate with your values and update your vision. 

      As you envision what a day in your life is like, having already achieved the resolution, notice what steps you took that were most productive in creating your goal.  Use those insights as you develop your plan. 

What are some problems you've experienced or are experiencing?  What creative solutions have helped you around your obstacles?