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Let Your Past Successes Guide Your Future Choices

One of the first people I coached was a financial services salesman.  He wanted to be doing financial analysis, and analysis was his area of education and experience.  But he was having to go out into the world and convince people to buy financial products.  He was good at it.  But he was unhappy.

He worked in a small company which didn't need a full time analyst, so his career transition meant changing companies.

I had him review his resume and build a list of all his accomplishments.  We mapped how those accomplishments applied to doing financial analysis. 

We created a detailed road map of possibilities.

I noticed that he was especially proud of his accomplishments in the military.  He liked solid, structured environments.  His current industry was neither of those things, so his career transition meant changing industries, too.

He moved fast!  In three months, he had found a new industry, company, and job title that matched his strengths.  When he finally got the interview, it was grueling.  But because he was prepared and was using his strengths and past experiences, it was easy for him.  He got the job.  Now he's happy at work.

You can do this, too.  Review your accomplishments.  What things are you especially proud of?  What accomplishments would you like to have in your future? 

Let your past successes guide your future choices.