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Five Secrets to Avoid a Flame-out

In these days of massive layoffs and ever mounting workloads for fewer and fewer staff, I'm hearing a lot about unreasonable and  unachievable expectations, horrible bosses, and generally stressful workplace environments.  These situations are creating  fear, anxiety and a huge potential for flame-out.    

We begin with only five secrets.  Watch for more. 

1. Pay Attention.

Enough with the head in the sand mentality. Pay attention. Notice what has shifted, and what's important now. Find out what's going on so you know what your choices are and can ACT on them.

2.  Know what you want from work.

Aside from money, what do you want or need from work.   What meaning does work hold for you? If your current work does not fulfill you, move toward work that does.

3.   Recognize that work is still work.

No matter how wonderful or satisfying your job is, it's still work.  Even if your work is exciting and fulfilling, I'll wager you wouldn't continue what you're doing for too long if you suddenly stopped being paid for it.

4.   Learn to say no.

Be realistic about  what's on your plate and learn to say no. If or when you need to say yes, reprioritize to ensure critical tasks get done.  Then communicate what you are accomplishing. 

5.   Build a multi-dimensional life.

Leave work at work.  Spend time with your friends and family.  Volunteer, play. 

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And if this resonates with you,  I would love to hear your comments and challenges.