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Authenticity - Taking The Real You to Work

My belief is that authenticity is the key to career success, happiness and overall wellness.  
So what is authenticity?
Authenticity is awareness of one's personal values, beliefs, preferences and then letting that awareness drive actions and behaviors.
This sounds relatively simple - just knowing who you are and what's important to you.  
My experience is that it not always that simple.   There are many things that stop us from bringing our real selves into the world, especially the working world.  In fact, we often compartmentalize and develop different personas - the work self, the home self, we may even try for a different online self. 
With today's speed and openness of information, maintaining multiple personas is not only challenging but unlikely to succeed over time. Yet taking our real selves into the world takes intention - and courage.  Barriers are everywhere! 
Barriers may include fear, inertia, and my favorite one - excuses!  (I'm too old, too young, too ____ you fill in the blank!)
Many of us have been socialized to pay more attention to what we think others want or need from us than to develop and maintain an awareness of our core selves.    Certainly societal norms played a part in my journery from a good southern girl, to a good military wife, to a young widow reinvented in the 70's as a career woman and even to the person I'm becoming today.
What stops you from consistently taking "the real you" to the world?   
How can you develop and maintain your authenticity when the world is going  to heck in a handbasket?
Let me know your thoughts and challenges.   I'm listening!
Coming soon:  Elements of Authentic Leadership