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People reach their true potential only when their life’s choices are guided by an authentic sense of who they truly are.
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About Gail Hurt

Gail Hurt serves as a Personal Thinking Partner (tm), mentor and trusted advisor.  She is certified as a executive/career coach, wellness coach and life coach.  She founded Living Authentically in 2006  to help people at all stages of their personal and professional lives—particularly when they find themselves at a crossroad or need to gain insight  about people issues and discover and implement positive strategies.

Her private practice is a culmination of a life-time of study, experience, and a keen sense of empathy and observation. Gail’s goal is to empower men and women to become aware of, and attuned to, their personal and professional values. Gail believes that people can reach their true potential only when their life’s choices are guided by an authentic sense of who they truly are.

Prior to founding Living Authentically, Gail held key leadership positions in information technology businesses. Her leadership and executive career spans over twenty years in a variety of settings—from small privately held companies to Fortune 500 corporations. Her extensive track record includes structuring and implementing multi-million dollar technology projects for both public and private organizations.

Gail has personally experienced many career and life challenges, including being widowed as a young mother, going back to college to complete her BBA and MBA all within four years,  and establishing herself as a successful woman executive while it was still uncommon and frequently unaccepted. 


What sets Gail apart from other coaches?


  • She has first hand experience as a woman executive in technology organizations in multiple industries.
  • She  continues to deepen her education, certifications and practical knowledge.
  • She  personally  works with excellent coaches and mentors in her commitment to stay cutting edge.
  • She constantly challenges herself  in new areas, and continues to learn and improve.
  • She has extensive leadership experience in managing and coaching others.
  • Her deep understanding of learning styles and personality types and how to use them during coaching.
  • Her personal experiences in leadership situations and career and life transitions give her intimate insight to challenges and issues of change.



Gail's Coaching/Mentoring Style:  Action and results-oriented; co-creative partnership between coach and clients; focuses on the process of self-discovery; non-judgmental illuminator; asks tough questions; celebrates your small and grand successes.


BBA, University of Texas, Austin, TX

MBA, University of Texas, Austin, TX


Board Certified Coach (BCC)

Professional in Career Management (PCM)

Licensed Wellness Inventory Coach

Like Work Again Coach

Master Practitioner, NLP

Certified Hypnotherapist

Ongoing studies in Group Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Influence and Persuasion